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Puffy nipp Flip angel Ella says sex is a sin.

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Firm breasts and puffy nipples

One of the things that works out so well in the PI islands is the Catholic concept
of forgiveness. Our gal Ella says sex is a sin, all of her friends say sex is a sin, but what do you think they are all doing for a living? But to them it doesn’t matter, as they can go confess it all and come out sparkling clean. And as long as their families in the boonies never find out they aren’t really nurses then it’s like it all never happened. I think sex actually becomes more enjoyable for Ella if this babe
thinks it’s a lustful pleasure. I could see her tits firm up and her nipples get puffers everytime we told
she was a indecent angel. Thank heaven for the worthwhile impure cuties like Ella.