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I see you are intrigued by Yok’s excellent rocking whoppers.

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Today we have a little bit of a clip of the famous photo shoot of Bangkok angel Yok. If you read way back in the blog you may remember we mention this, if not here’s the story and it’s not hard to understand. Yok has perhaps what are the most outstanding rocking juggs in the history of Bangkok. This gal is priceless in a country of fine sex. The photographer was completely smitten by this cutie and was relentlessly trying to get her to do hardcore or to get her in the sack. During the photo shoot the tow of ’em
managed to work out some sort of deal and our dude whips out his cock and blasts all over this girls wonderful rack. Thanks god it was caught on movie, as it’s one of the craziest impromptu sex acts I have ever seen.

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